Lovejoy provides drop-in replacement couplings for GE and Vestas turbines

The Lovejoy drop in replacement couplings for GE and Vestas wind turbines provide a bolted electrical-isolation joint that prevents eddy currents from damaging gearbox bearings.

Recommended practice for installing energy storage systems now available

This new standard focuses specifically on installations of battery systems, flywheels, ultra-capacitors, and electric vehicle smart charger vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies that are used for storing electrical energy in premises wiring systems.

Cape Holland Vibro Lifting Tool handles & drives 360-ton monopile

Dutch vibro-piling specialist CAPE Holland has successfully developed the application of vibro-hammers for offshore purposes and has been leading the way in using multiple linked vibro-hammers.

Production tax credits are applied to more than wind

Production tax credits for wind, geothermal, and closed-loop biomass projects will increase slightly in 2017 from 2016 levels, the Internal Revenue Service said in late May.

A better way to automatically lubricate wind-turbine bearings

Due to the demands of continuous operation, it is critical that the wind turbine bearings in the nacelle receive consistent and reliable lubrication.

Next generation of 4 MW onshore turbines on the horizon, with 12 MW offshore in sight

The trend to larger turbines will manifest in the next generation of 4-MW platforms for the onshore market.

Why reliable standby generation is essential for offshore wind farms

It takes power to make power. Constructing offshore wind farms will need standby generation from auxiliary generators for a range of functions. When provided reliably, the project is more likely to complete on time.

Energy Department announces nearly $32 million for innovative small businesses focused on clean energy technologies

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced nearly $32 million in funding for small business-led projects to further develop clean energy technologies that have a strong potential for commercialization and job creation.

Energy Dept announces $3 million for high performance computing to advance clean energy manufacturing

The Energy Department plans to select 8 to 10 projects for this fourth round of funding and seeks meritorious industry partners to participate in short-term, collaborative projects. Clean energy manufacturing

Battery storage opens a new frontier for the wind industry

There is a huge amount of interest in battery storage and a lot of talk about it. Growth in battery storage is being fuelled by a reduction in costs and wide recognition of the value of storage.