Leadership in wind energy: 2017

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The year has just begun, but 2017 has a lot to live up to in terms of wind power if it is to grow and best last year’s accomplishments. The U.S. wind industry installed over 2,000 MW during 2016. Just scroll through the latest news stories of this site, and you’ll get a sense of the innovation that permeates the wind industry.

For instance, it’s getting a good grip on what causes gearbox problems and how to solve them. Improved reliability is driving down the cost of wind-generated power to the point that wind energy is less expensive than gas-generated power. That has caught the eye of many utility CEOs. There is more.

The U.S. the offshore industry has finally launched with more wind farms to begin construction soon. And because U.S. waters are deeper than the North Sea, expect to see floating wind farms as well. Rather than a single concept, the monopiles that Europeans rely on, the U.S. floating-wind industry will have a range of platforms to choose from. Make note of what the competition for ideas can produce.

To keep wind-power flowing successfully, we at Windpower Engineering & Development know it is important to recognize the leaders that continue to push the industry forward. In the pages that follow, you’ll see the accomplishments of fellow engineers and companies in a range of categories. Your vote for one or more the companies listed will be recorded on our website through November 2017.

Winners will be recognized in the first issue of 2018.





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